Interactive Capabilities: Click to trigger model animations?

(Jefferywright) #1

Does this platform have the ability to add click events to model geometry or a gui element that initiates specific animations?

For example, a vacuum pump that can animate to an exploded view; components of the model that can be spun on an axis or follow a path when a click event is triggered, etc?

If not, does this platform support scenes that can be navigated to by means of a gui?



Not yet, but we hope to add animation methods to the Viewer API in the future.

You can already create your own navigation GUI with the API:

(Jefferywright) #3

Thanks for your reply.

The link you posted appears to only show how to embed a Sketchfab in a web page via iframe.

Is Sketchfab simply a 3D model viewer? What is the timeline for animation methods development for your viewer?

I am researching technology for an F500 engineering corporation who is interested in a global enterprise solution.


Yes, Sketchfab is a publishing platform and embeddable viewer for 3D models and animations.

General info on our animation support:

The Viewer API allows you to interact with an embedded viewer.

Animation functions:

(Cs Chris) #5

Have same goal - would like to be great to be able to click something to animate it.

Just for a simple example, with this Tesla model, it would be great to have the doors open and close when we click on them. Rather than a looping animation.

Then click on the lights to turn them on or off.

Is there any kind of rough ETA for this type of functionality? I know you guys must be extremely busy :slight_smile: