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Interactivity coding on Sketchfab?

(Acamerer) #1

This may be possible since I’m fairly new to the Sketchfab site, but wondering if there exists or if there are any plans to develop something like a scripting back-end to models to allow for at least some simple click interactivity similar to the Unreal javascript gaming engine. I’d like to be able to have users press buttons on models (or just areas onscreen) to activate an animation or show/hide objects. Nothing too complex - but of course complexity is relative.
I’m sure someone has asked this but not finding it in the forums.

(Shaderbytes) #2

it is all possible via the viewer api but only on external embeds, not on their own domain. Perhaps they will make it possible on their own domain in the future but i dont know/think if that is on the soon road map.

(Acamerer) #3

Good to know, thanks!

(Victor334) #4

Nice info so far. Thanks!