Interested in drone photogrammetry. Any advice?

(Willshaf18) #1

I'm entirely new to any sort of photogrammetry or 3D imaging, and I wanted to know where to begin. My particular interest is in the photogrammetry of residences with a drone for the purpose of creating a model that the public can easily access, but I have only a very basic idea of how to start doing such a thing. (I don't totally know if this is the best place to ask, either)

So, my main questions are these:
* What are the best cameras and drones for such an undertaking?
* What is the best software for creating the 3D models from drone data/images?
* Any tips for a newbie (with respect to photogrammetry, piloting a drone, and/or both)?

Good places to look for tips or information are also appreciated!

(Nebulousflynn) #2

Hey @willshaf18,

Afraid I've got no experience with drones but regarding software (and depending on your budget and OS) you should check out:

  • RealityCapture (WIN, demo available, from € 99 p/month)
  • PhotoScan (WIN/MAC, demo available, from $179)
  • ReMake (WIN, cloud based processing, limited free version or from $30 p/month)
  • 3DF Zephyr (WIN, limited free version or from $149)

The basics of photogrammetry are (and I'm simplifying here) take a bunch of photos (50 - a few hundred) of your subject from many differeent angles, then feed these into software and follow the steps to process into full 3D.

There are a few useful tutorials and how to articles to get you started on the Sketchfab blog too:

Hopefully another user will jump with advice about drones / cameras :slight_smile:

(Willshaf18) #3

That's actually really great help! My assumption is that the software piece will likely be the biggest hurdle to jump, so I appreciate it. Cameras and drone equipment are important, too, but I imagine I'll need a good understanding of the software before I even think about where I'll get the pictures. I can test the software with non-drone images for practice. I'll absolutely look into those links! Thanks.

(Jackyoung) #4

If you are a pilot of drone, that become very easy, just purchase one drone for aerial photogrammetry such as DJI drone or fixed wing drone. If you not a rc hobbyist, suggest you buy a micro drone to practice, then RTF drone. In this article, Best RTF and Micro quadcopter: list the most popular drones for both beginner and AP. Hope can help you.

(Willshaf18) #5

Thanks! That's really helpful. I've been wondering how to start flying, and that's what I needed. You certainly helped!