Internet Explorer

(Ian Woodward23) #1

Hi guys,
Is anyone having issue with viewing models on internet explorer lately? This was working fine for me until yesterday, this does not seem to be an issue relating to my models / computer because I have tried other computers.

Any idea?

Kind regards


Sorry about that. It's a known issue and we have a fix on the way!

(Ian Woodward23) #4

Thanks James. Glad to hear it is being sorted.

(Keithg) #5

Any news on this yet? We have hundreds of models linked to our website (under our TR-Fastenings account) and none of the links are working in IE. They just go to a garbled screen about VR.

When I try to access the models in IE directly from the Sketchfab site the models just don't load. Everything is perfect in Chrome but many of our customers use IE.


This should be fixed now.

(Keithg) #7

Thanks James. They're loading fine from the direct links now.

There is one other issue with IE that never used to happen. We often use simple html documents to launch our models in Sketchfab from the desktop. These were fine up until about a week ago and still work in Chrome. In IE it's still just a garbled screen.

We use the code generated by sketchfab to embed in an iframe