Interstellar Tesseract Scene


(Danny Bittman) #1

This scene would be great as an interactive environment since each one of Murph's rooms will have different scenes going on in them, leaving a lot of room for emotional impact. You the viewer will get to act like Cooper and fly around to see all the different timelines (will people have the ability to move with a controller?). I'm going to attempt to create this in Tilt Brush to give it a stylized look, and what better way to build a VR experience than in VR itself?

My main concern with this project is the final face count I'll have, since Tilt brush doesn't allow you to reduce faces on strokes. But screw it, I'll do it anyway haha.

(Danny Bittman) #2

So I've created the .OBJ of the tesseract and imported it into Tilt Brush. I've color coded each section so I don't get lost as I stumble around outlining EVERY SINGLE SQUARE. The scene's load in camera will be at the center of this beast.


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Cool start! This movie plays with great perspectives, can't wait to see what comes of this!