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Interstellar - Tesseract


(Fisher007) #1

Hi all!

I know I'm a bit late to the party, but I had basically zero free time in the last 2 weeks. But finally made it here and have most of the week free, so I can't be happier! :slight_smile: My decision was a no brainer, I have a few favourite movies but Interstellar is just so high above them. Hopefully my work will live up to my feelings. :slight_smile:


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A very cool (yet pivotal!) scene! I see a lot of opportunity to play around with perspective here. Have fun!

(Fisher007) #3

4 hours left... Vray bake faster!!!!

(Fisher007) #4

So that's it. I'm both happy and sad about the scene. The overall quality turned out decent but I had so much trouble during the process and because of them I couldn't finish it properly. Not to mention that I originally planned to put Murph and Cooper into the scene as well. :smiley: Eventually I was so behind that I didn't even have time for the WIP posts. Using Vray for lightbake for the first time wasn't that easy as I thought, also the lack of wide shots from the movie didn't help either. I had to take dozens of screenshots and figure out the dimensions of the objects from the small perspective the closeup shots gave.

Also I really hope I didn't mess up the submission, it's 6am here :sleepy:

(Alex) #5

You can just copy paste the url by itself, it will embed automatically!

The scene looks super detailed, although I would probably understand it more if I watched the movie :disappointed_relieved:

(Fisher007) #6

Yaaay, it works! Thanks! :smiley: Also, you should definitely watch the movie. All time favourite for me. :slight_smile:

(Fisher007) #7

I have finally finished the scene, too bad I couldn't submit it in time. :slight_smile: But it was a really fun learning experience and can't wait for the next contest!

The only thing that bothers me is that I can't figure out why is the alpha masking not working for me. I have applied a black and white texture in the transparency section in the material, set it to masking but it does nothing. >.<

Anyways, enjoy!