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(Tim Vizesi) #1

Hey Sketchfabbers!

I have recently been approached by Bart and Natalia, to post a new idea to you all.

The guys at Sketchfab have come up with a great incentive, to get us all talking and posting about other peoples art on Sketchfab.

We should all know how "Staff Picks" work, many frequent Sketchfab posters have earned the badge, and many of you may have used them to help guide your attempt to search out the best models that Sketchfab has to offer. I have had a few of my models selected, and I am telling you - there is a great feeling of achievement when your model gains one of those cool Staff Pick badges. It's a real moment of pride.

The idea they have brought to me is Artist Picks.

So what you do is this:

1. Choose a few artists (as few or as many as you like)
2. Write a short paragraph about why you have Artist Picked their model
3. Nominate an artist to be the next Artist Picker! (I have sent a private email to my nomination)

Having just done it, I admit it is a great way to get a bit of a deeper look into the artists, and to think more about what they have uploaded and why it is so great - in effect respecting their art a lot more.

I recommend we all get on board with this - surely if we get enough momentum - they will implement the process into Sketchfab more permanently and we will all benefit from having more interactivity with each other as artists. Also we may get the chance to earn a sweet "Artist Pick" badge - and I for one, would want that!

So, with all that out into the world, let's get to the point.

Artist Pick!
by tzeshi

VG remix_Octopus by brenly on Sketchfab

Brenly - VG Remix
I chose this awesome piece because, apart from being one of the very first pieces I ever saw on Sketchfab and being one of the main reasons I wanted to start getting things up on Sketchfab, this piece is gorgeous. It is simple, yet very well thought out. It makes use of such a small texture map so effectively - you almost wouldn't know the whole scene could be textured on a 256x256. And I am also a massive sucker for a Diorama style scene.

Fisherman by Dmitry Grebenkov on Sketchfab

Dmitry Grebenkov - Fisherman

This piece is one I can really get behind. It really strikes a chord with my own sense of style. It is so simple and minimalist - sharp, crisp and clean lines - well modeled and textures perfectly executed. The artist has adhered to the concept beautifully (his avatar) and the piece leaves me wishing there was more to view. I just want to see this old fella sitting on an old crate at the end of an old wharf, smoking his pipe and waiting for the tide to change so he can jump in his boat and chart a course out to his favourite fishing spot.

Flat No. 312 by trzykropek on Sketchfab

trzykropek - Flat No. 312

Atmosphere. Some models are all about setting a mood. This model is no exception. From the second I saw this one, I wanted to see everything else trzykropek had uploaded. I immediately checked out the game design blog and was blown away by the style. Hand painted in Modo, and every piece is as intriguing as the last. I am genuinely envious of this style, you can see the hard work shining through in each piece. Beautiful!

Pbr Fiat Punto Gt by KMiklas on Sketchfab

KMiklas - PBR Fiat Punto GT

All the greatest artists have a keen sense for the finest of details. This is one of the first PBR models I viewed on Sketchfab, and is a perfectly detailed example of the power of PBR. The way the artist has applied smears on the windscreen from the wipers is just magic. The detail of the black dots from the Widow Tint on the edges of windows and everything down to the little Fiat decals in the corner of windows are very impressive and a sign of a true artist. You would have a hard time finding much to be flawed on this piece.

Mace of the Earth by therealmarkehlen on Sketchfab

therealmarkehlen - Mace of the Earth

I chose this model, because I fell instantly for the texturing. To me, I think it is absolutely spot on. There is such a beautiful organic feel to this piece and I can easily see a whole set of props and assets made in the same style. I would love to see this piece expanded on with a character and a diorama scene around it, just to bring it to life a little more. Definitely keen to see more from therealmarkehlen, hopefully really soon!

My Honourable Mentions:

Spirited bridge by Eduard Cortés on Sketchfab

Macintosh 1984 by Albert Zablit on Sketchfab

FlameThrower by lucasvargas on Sketchfab

Tedy + Beast by dlconcepts on Sketchfab

Taka House by Hannes Delbeke on Sketchfab

I hope you all enjoy my picks. I carefully thought about the ones that mean the most to me, or have had the biggest impact on my experience with Sketchfab. Maybe you have the same taste as me?? Let me know what you think smile

(Bart) #2

Awesome job Tim! I really enjoyed reading that, and it made me revisit all the artists and their work too. It's great to see them 'from your eyes'!

Edit: I haven't seen any replies to this article yet, so let me ask: what do you think of this idea? Did you enjoy reading it? Did it help you discover any new artists and art?

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