Introducing the Sketchfab Masters

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We’re humbled to have such a passionate community here at Sketchfab, and we felt it was time to recognise some of our outstanding contributors. I’m excited to tell you a bit more about a new community program that we’ve been quietly working on: the Sketchfab Masters!

The Masters are a core group of Sketchfab artists who’ve been super active and engaged in the Sketchfab community in a number of ways: by contributing awesome art, helping other users with tips and feedback, writing Art Spotlights and tutorials for our blog and actively encouraging others to join in too, etc.

By inviting them to become a Master we value and reward them for their help. We also want to make it easier to work with them directly on projects and activities, and improve this community even further.

Each Master focuses on one specific community project. For example: providing artist feedback on the WIP forum, help run the Artist Picks section or weekly challenges or helping us produce a series of blog posts. They also write two tutorials a year for our blog. In return, Masters get some membership perks (like a free PRO account and free 3D tools) and a voice in our product development. We meet on Slack and during regular Google Hangouts to discuss new projects (like our upcoming new contest!).

You can recognise Masters by their badges here on the forum:

The Masters are here to help you, so don’t be afraid to ask them for their guidance!

We look forward to expanding the program soon, but it’s in pilot mode until spring/summer. During this period, membership is invitation-only, Masters are encouraged though to suggest new members. So if you want to receive an invitation, convince a Master that you should be in! (or just be awesome :wink:

###The Sketchfab Masters are:

(in alphabetical order)

abbyec chaitanyak curlscurly dark-minaz elbriga essimoon
fongoose geoffreymarchal jamesculley KevinCayuelaBorg lord00120 Matthewbrennan
miekeroth mrrik NestorMarques nomadking romainrevert saphires
shaderbytes theStoff vrhuman y2bcrazy

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