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Invite capability improvements


(Abby Crawford) #1

Hello. I was thinking that it might be nice if a message could be included with friend invites, thereby giving the inviter a chance to tell the invitee why they should join or link to relevant blog/forum posts or models that might compel them to join Sketchfab. It would also be neat if it were possible to know if invitees accept your invitation so that you can follow them. It may be that this already happens and it's just that nobody has accepted my invitation... :stuck_out_tongue:

How to see who has signed up using your invite link
(Shaderbytes) #2

I also sent invites to friends to get the permanent pro membership and am also wondering if everyone responded. I know for sure two of my friends did .. but I dont know about the other guys. would be nice to know

(Scott Rafferty) #3

Apologies if this has been posted before. I got an email this morning telling me if i invite people using my link we both get pro. I shared it around and now im curious to see if anyone has used the link to create an account.

Is this possible or?