iOS 12 enlarge the model window bug

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i don’t know if anybody notied that: Since iOS 12, when you enlarge the model viewer, it is not possible to zoom in or out the model in the full frame window. The two finger zoom will close the enlarged window instead of make the model bigger or smaller. Embeded and Sf-site, same problem.

Greetings, Harald



I couldn’t reproduce this issue. What do you mean by “enlarge the model viewer” - the full screen button?

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yes, the full screen button. With iOS 11 a new tab was opened with full screen. With iOS 12, when you klick to full screen, the model window goes full screen in the same tab. In this full screen window it is not possible to zoom the model, if you use the two finger movement to make the model smaller, the whole window resize to the small view.
I think the problem is, that the full screen window doesn’t open in a new tab.
Greetings, Harald


Thanks for clarifying. I’m running iOS 12.0.1 on an iPhone 8 Plus, and this is the behavior I get.

Sketchfab App:

Model goes to a native full screen view, I am able to zoom and otherwise move the camera normally. I can tap the button again to minimize the viewer.


Model does the expected “fake” full screen opening the embed page in a new tab.


Same behavior as Safari.