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(Tim Vizesi) #1

Just wondering if there were any plans to create a Sketchfab App for iOS / Android / Windows Phone?

(Punkoffice) #2

iOS app would be awesome!! scenekit + metal is perfect for 3D. would be neat if you could save (cache) models on the phone for offline viewing as well. I'm often showing people my models on my iPhone 6+ when I'm out and about but it sux waiting to download the model, spesh with a bad connection

(Tim Vizesi) #3

Exactly the reason I brought this topic up actually. Off-line viewing!

(Stephomi) #5

IF we do iOS app we'll certainly not use scenekit (same for metal I guess).

I'll let @pap or @cedric answer about the app question.
As for the offline mode, @mauricesvay knows a bit better..

(Mauricesvay) #6

Hey guys,

native apps are on our roadmap, but not on the short-term one. Offline has been requested a few times before, so we will certainly consider this feature for the apps.

(Punkoffice) #7

Metal has much better performance than OpenGL ES 3.0

"Metal promises draw cell rates of up to 10x faster (up to 4000 draw calls per frame) by expunging the layer of overhead between software and hardware. This will be a result of gaining access to Apple’s A7 processor on a more “bare-to-the-metal” basis and giving developers room to enter the compute component of the GPU. Since multithreading in OpenGL ES is of restricted value, Metal provides efficient multithreading, which will reduce load times (or at least this is what Apple is currently saying)."

Not sure if it runs on phones without the A7 chip though.

(Stephomi) #8

Metal only runs on apple devices and as long as we can't use it in javascript, we won't use it because we won't re-write our engine in another language.

And even if it can be used through javascript, it's not sure it is worth the heavy development cost and maintenance.

I'm more excited about Vulkan, though it's wayyyy too early to think about these things.

If/when we'll do a mobile app, the 3D engine would be identical to the one on

(Tim Vizesi) #9

Awesome, cant wait for it to drop in the future. I just got the idea since Artstation just got a dedicated app and I have been enjoying that experience so far; I can envisage Sketchfab like that one day. It just makes things a bit more quickly accessible and navigated. Plus I would just personally love to have a Sketchfab icon sitting on the homescreen of my Xperia.

For now, a shortcut will have to do smile

(Codetiger) #10

Hi All,
If this is a feature many people are waiting for, then we are interested in developing an app for viewing the content. We just need some support from your team to benchmark the rendering quality. We already have our own engine that supports OpenGL ES 2.0 and Metal.

One of our app Iyan 3D uses our engine to allow user create 3d animation on iOS devices. Android version is soon coming out. We are working on making our app an editor and publishing tool for SketchFab.

(Bart) #11

@codetiger are you suggesting developing an app that uses your engine instead of ours? That's probably not a good decision. Sketchfab already runs on most mobile devices that support WebGL, after all?

(Codetiger) #12

No, am not a WebGL expert. I mean if people need to present data from cache, we can develop an app that allows user to download their 3d content and present on app offline. This is only good in case WebGL cannot cache data, otherwise it's useless. Another suggestion is embedding your engine inside an app. Both options are valid only if offline viewing is important.

(Bart) #13

Ah I see, thanks! Off-line viewing is not on our near-future roadmap at this time. An app might be interesting, we haven't decided yet smile

(Nirmal007) #14

Hi all ! please suggest me how I use 3D models in my iOS app just like I use in website with the help of sketchfab.

(Arthur Jamain) #15

Hey there,

If you want to embed a Sketchfab viewer within an app, all you need to do is create a webview in which you load the URI of an embed (i.e.[uid]/embed), much like you would embed an iframe in a webpage. IIRC the webview on iOS is UIWebView or more recently WKWebView for a more optimized one.

You can use the URI parameters to set the initial state of the embed, but there is no official public API to talk with the viewer from the native code yet.

Hope that helps,

-- Arthur J

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(Marco Rs) #18

Hello The last reply here was about 2 years ago. Is the recommended way for integrating into mobile still a webview?



Yep, that’s still the recommended way to do it. The viewer must still be embedded as an iframe.