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iOS Safari shows fullscreen, but only one "eye"


(Fxtc) #1

Hi all,
I just installed sketchfab and exported some solidworks models. When I watch it on my desktop safari and click "view in VR", then add /embed?cardboard=1 to the url, I see the splitted (2 eyes) VR view. Pretty good so far.
Now I open the same url on my mobile safari (iOS 9.3), click view, I see only through one eye. Means I see the bent lense and the image, but only one over the full screen....

Has anyone had the same issue and a good idea to solve ?
Thanks in advance !!!

(Fxtc) #2

Don't know what fixed it as I updated to iOS 9.3.1 a minute ago. This time I opened the url when the iPhone was in portrait mode and clicked the view hr button. now I had the images side by side. Then I changed to landscape. Now I got everything: 2 eyes, fullscreen.....perfect. :smile: