iOS two-finger drag in VR mode is not working anymore on both iPhones

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Hello guys.

Recently noticed that when in VR mode on iphone using sketchfab app (iphone 7 and iphone 5) I can no longer drag position with two fingers, can only teleport by tapping. Is that a known issue or do I miss something.

Regards, Kirill


Hi Kirill,

As far as I can remember, there has never been two-finger drag in VR mode. There is only teleportation :confused:

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Hello James. I could defiantly do it in VR mode just a few month ago and it was very useful option. I had to take off my VR headset to get an access to a screen but it was possible. Do you think this function can be brought back?

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It’s not currently planned, but the help popup should be improved for VR (and AR) mode.

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Yes, I agree, it would be extremely helpful to position yourself exactly where you need to be in relation to a 3D model (hight and distance wise) just by using drag and pinch gestures on mobile screen just like you can do in a 2D view mode. Please bring it back.