iPad app problem


(Tomasz Gap) #1

iPad app not showing all of my Models when I Brows in app. It worked before.

Model not showing in app
(Paul Sketch) #2

not sure I get what you mean:

  • it’s a 3D problem, the model viewer doesn’t work and then Could you post http://webglreport.com/ results of your iPad
  • it’s an mobile app problem “model listing” problem ? like in web browser it list the model works but in the mobile app, it doesn" ?


There appear to be some issues with model results in the mobile app. We’re looking into it!

(Tomasz Gap) #5

Looking forward for an solution.

(Ruehilton) #6


One of my models is showing on the website, but not on the app. Has anyone else faced this problem?



Scene not working on mobile. Fine on PC browser
(Tiagojdferreira) #7

Hi @ruehilton

We’re looking into it.

(Ruehilton) #10

Hi, do you have a solution yet please?

(Tiagojdferreira) #11


We are working on a fix for the issue that should come out within 2 to 3 weeks.