Iphone - troubles

Hey there, we really have alot of troubles with the sketchfab player on iPhone. We optimized everything – vertices, no textures over 1024, we cleaned almost everything in the scene. We are trying to built a configurator and it works so smooth and fine on the oldest android devices! Please help… I already wrote an mail to the support mail… and please don´t tell we have to lower down the vertices, we have other scenes with the same numbers. It´s just so random. It´s getting us crazy… It´s seem the whole thing is random on iphones… please help!

it´s the same problem on Ipads too. So IOS is totally … older iphones| newer Iphone,Ipads it doesn´t matter.

What do you mean , dont say reduce polys … 1.5 million polys for a mobile device is gonna take some strain … it has to be said. what really is bizarre, is you practically have nothing in the scene and yet so many polys … it seems to me you are missing the crutial step of having to rework models for real time display. You seem to just assume you can upload offline models and it ends there.

Models can work like this … but they always have a good chance to not work so well. Hence your problems.

It is always the same set of rules when building for weaker processing devices. you need to tailor the scene and optimize it to run at its best. That is just how it works.

I do this for clients all the time … some times a scene can be reduced by over 98% and still look the same, and yes that a 98% improvement in rendering speeds then and load time for that matter.

sketchfab is software. What can they do about the processing power of hardware? nothing. It is you who needs to adjust you workflow to try cater for the best average experience across a range of devices , make and year etc. All mobile developers have to do this.

Hey hey! thanks for the fast reply… I know there are alot of vertices … and Yeah I have to agree we have to reduce it… but how could it be that it runs very smooth on 5 year old android smartphones and not on a iphone X or a 3 month old iphone and why does it work so random on IOS? And will the reduction of vertices solve this problem? Or is there a number of vertices for IOS= like 300.000 works – 310.000 not? Thanks for your help!

and why does it work with this scene? It is just so random and this makes me nuts…

hard to say , but apple lately is the evil kid on the block for a while when it comes to issues… they have being riding on theit name and status for far too long now pulling the wool over all their lovers eyes.

For example the latest macbook air , the 2020 edition just announced in march … is still a dual core processor … do i need to say any more than that… this should show you the trend , they are behind on hardware in many aspects. The one good thing they have going for them is great cameras and a few easy to use apps which suite light users perfectly.

Dont worry I have a upcoming massive project that has to be targeting ipad so im not to thrilled myself with that upcoming nightmare.

Just the other day somebody posted a sketchfab scene with bad rendering artifacts all over the place , I have the latest ipad 7 and tested it and behold the issue was there … running fine on my my 6 year old android as well.

So really apple is the problem here. IE used to be every developers nightmare … these days its apple

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it is bizarre looking at hte model stats for sure , cant see a logical pattern as to why , maybe a setchfab dev can share some mre info with us. as they deal with these things on a deeper level internally

Performance is affected by a a combination of factors, here’s an internal performance report. I think the biggest issue here is the large number of materials that you use - this heavily impacts shaders, and I don’t believe you need them in this scene.

You’ll also notice some z-fighting going on meaning you have overlapping geometry. Removing that will be a quick win too.

Finally, you’re also using both background transparency and geometry transparency which has a big performance impact.

Hey Bart, thanks! but we are buiding a configurator so we have to use alot of textures and overlay geometries… anyway… it seem not to work on apple… so we have to reduce the scene to a super rough poly look for apple devices… works on 5 year old android smartphones perfectly but not on the newest IOS devices…

@shaderbyts … CSS and APPLE my biggest friends by now! :wink:

hey shaderbyts… thx again for helping out! All we can do is to go down with the polys of the handels. These are not our models, CAD models from the door handel producers. Like you said apple is a nightmare, I agree 100% and we are thinking about building a third extra scene for apple devices… one for desktop, one mobile android, and one super reduced for apple.

fully I feel your pain. In the end even if they are not your models … just dumping cad models into real time display is not a professional solution. it can work for a test or two or some edge case scenarios and I know unity has premium plugins for people who want to get into this pipeline… but in reality , mostly - there simply is no cost effective option in this predicament.

So many business owners who have product models in cad form think this is most of the work done , just a hop skip and a jump and its on the web in glorious format. haha

The truth is some cad models require heaps and heaps of hours / day /weeks of work to get made ready for real time display properly.

I have been burnt by this personally several times so im speaking from experience … cad model optimization is on the top of my list of most expensive work. It always takes far to many hours, and it is not an enjoyable job… so Ideally I will quote like I dont want it when it comes to this.

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Absolutly - anyway we did it and now it works!
Thanks for all of your help! :+1:

I always try to get hold of a few models before making a proposal. And I try to automate the tesselation process as much as possible in 3dsMax. It actually has a very good tesselation engine. But in the end it always takes more time tweaking the results that I’d like.


Maybe the problem was in your phone. Maybe it has an older version of iOS and that’s what messes up with the player.

Hey guys, we tried it with over 10 different Iphone Models from Iphone 7 to X, pro to SE and the only problem solver was to reduce the 3D models that apple can handle it.