Iridescent Materials

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Would it be possible to add a gradient or falloff map in the specular channel, to create color shifts on the surface depending on the camera / normal angle? Even better it would be to allow a blend between the gradient and a texture map.
This would be very usefull for color shifting car paint, insect materials, coated glass, heated metal…etc.
A quite fitting example was already posted in the request “Opacity based on camera position”.

Thank you very much in advance.


Do you have some examples of how this is handled in other software?

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Hi James,
Sorry for answering so late, i must have missed your reply.
I know that it is done by falloff maps in the specular channel in other applications. But i think a more complex iridescent effect needs some new functions in the shader. Here 2 examples from the Unreal Engine. The guy on the artstation account will soon describe his workflow in detail. Maybe you can implement this option in a future version of your shader.

Also i saw that iridescent materials made with Substance Designer on Substance Source, are not displayed correctly within the sketchfab application on their page.

When you click on “view in 3D” you will see that the iridescent specular color is not displayed like on the preview picture.

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you can mildly get this kind of effect using the clearcoat channel and tint color. just it is obviously restricted and requires some fine tuning but at least its good to know for now.

So yeah not an actual solution, just a hack for now, here are some examples :


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Oh thanks, yes might be first alternative for the moment. I have to try it out.


You could also upload a custom MatCap, because that’s essentially what it does - the pixel color rendered is based on camera angle/normal.