Iron Man VR° #moviecontest-static-final

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Step into the shoes of Iron Man.

Robot Arm - Initial Render
Robot Arm - Initial Render
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I was able to produce the platform in the scene through the use of the Cinema4D cloner tool.

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This is the end result after the cloned polygons have been grouped.

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This is the finished helmet design. I have used Cinema4D's mograph to aid me with the modelling of this.

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For the detailing of the arms, legs and torso, I used Cinema4D's powerful knife tool to create each component in the armour, followed by the mirror tool to replicate both left and right features.

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The sample materials and textures.

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Try not to miss the deadline! :slight_smile:

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Continuing the discussion from Iron Man VR° (Static) #WIP:

Here is my design for the robot arms.


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Looking good, keep it up!

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Here is the finished version. For the best viewing use VR mode. I had a few issues transferring textures from Cinema 4D to Sketchfab, Enjoy.


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this looks great, but i was under the impression that this contest was to have people create work for VR. there's no way i'd even attempt to look at 4 million polys on my vive through sketchfab, or elsewhere as it'd make me instantly sick. 200K seems to push it sometimes but 100K or less is usually fine.

or maybe this can be viewed smoothly with a faster machine? if yes then maybe i should upgrade.