Is angle based normal splitting from a Blend file not supported?

(Ledingo) #1

I wanted to upload a model to Sketchfab - which was quite high poly - so I decided to create a low poly version. For the low poly one I used the "Auto Smooth" setting in Blender to create sharp edges.

In the viewport the model has nice, sharp edges, but when I upload the .blend to SketchFab none of the edges are sharp.



I have encountered this issue before and exporting to .fbx fixed the edges. However, for some reason exporting this project to .fbx makes Blender crash.



There are some instructions for setting Vertex Normals in Blender here:

I hope that helps!

(Ledingo) #3

Thank you for the instructions! It worked very well.

However, I still have a problem with the shading on the chain, which is visible on the images above. The chain is animated with shape keys and for some reason - even though I have ripped the edges (does the same as the EdgeSplit modifier) - the chain still has smooth shading on SketchFab.

The model can be seen here:


I think we always smooth morph geometries, @waleguene ?