Is "borrowing a model" common practice?

Hello everyone,

I recently had discussion on one of my store models.
Where potential buyer wanted from me to give him model in advance to decide if he/she would purchase it.
This is my first experience with such request. I would like to ask if it is common practice or not
and how to respond to it in future.

Thank you in advance.

Link to model and discussion:

No, who would stop this person from just keeping the model for himself?
You could make a broken version of the model like a demo, but its up to you.
Potential buyer can check this model in advance on Sketchfab in 360 angle with texture inspections.


I totally agree with @warkarma . Being a recent victim of plagiarism myself (right here on sketchfab no less). I would say a loud resounding HELL NO! to letting anyone “borrow” your work.


Thank you all for information and support.

:warning: Don’t do it :warning:. The unique strength of our Store is that buyers can examine your model fully before purchasing. I recommend you tell them about our Model Inspector too, which is where you can see all the details about topology, normals, and all texture maps.


Thank you for advice. I did not “borrow a model” this time and will not “borrow a model” in the future.
Now I know how to react to similar request next time.