Is discourse easy enough to use?

(Bart) #1

One of the things I'm trying to find out is if the Discourse format is easy enough for our users to understand, given that it is slightly different from 'traditional' forums. What are your thoughts on this so far?

(Ettienne) #2

Hi guys,

Just checked out the forum, looks good thus far, though the layout might confuse quite a lot of people as the forum isn't following the conventional layout of a forum, other than that, it seems pretty solid. I do like the idea of no page numbers, just keep scrolling, as for the front page, feels a slight bit confusing at first, and maybe even a bit intimidating, especially if there are quite a few topics on the front page.

As for the rest, looks good thus far. Also noticed something quick though, seems it auto logs out the user once the page for the forum is closed in the browser, (both chrome and Firefox), might become a slight pain for some users. If it is possible to add a function such as "Remember Me" for log-ins, it would ease the process of returning to the forum.

Keep up the good work folks!

(Bart) #3

Thanks for the feedback! I agree that things look a little different - I had the same initial reaction. But now that I'm frequenting some other Discourse forums it all feels rather natural. Maybe it's a bit like Blender wink

Do you think the front page would be easier if it only listed the categories and no threads?

Regarding being logged out: I can't reproduce that here, even if I quick Firefox or Chrome and return, I'm still logged in. Which OS do you use? And are you using any plugins that might interfere with cookie behavior?


(Alexanderesmith) #4

I agree that this forum layout is... unusual... but I would say it's not bad or unintuitive.

It's actually nice to use a forum that isn't the same, for a change smiley

Edit One item of note is that, at least in firefox, the header seems to have some DOM ordering issues (things that should be obviously in the background are showing up on top of the header, once you've scrolled down a bit).

(Alexanderesmith) #5


I just tested the sketchfab embed on another post, it's really nice. I had to quote your post to take a look at the code for how to do it, so we might want some kind of "getting started" guide, or posting note.

Also, I just encountered the logout issue. Steps to reproduce;

  1. Firefox 33.1
  2. View forum
  3. Log in Browse/Post/etc
  4. Close tab
  5. In a new tab, go to the forum URL

At that point, all the buttons say "login", as if I'm logged out. It may be keeping track of the login via session data, rather than cookies. (Diagnostic note; I'm not using any plugins or configurations that alter the default cookie processing settings.)

Another item; The numbered list formatting tool is pretty awful XD . Try writing a list and converting it from carriage returns to a numbered list.

(Bart) #6


Noted, I'll see how we can best share that without it becoming annoying.

Hmm, I tried this a few times but I can't reproduce it. Could you share a screenshot of your Privacy settings? Maybe it has to do with cookie settings.

Agreed, that one's confusing. I'll ask their developers what's up with that, but I see this one as a low-priority issues, agreed?

(Bart) #7

@alexanderesmith I've moved the FAQ/Guidelines document into the Meta category and pinned it. I also added a short description on how to embed there; do you think that's visible enough?