Is it a good idea to add music to my models on Sketchfab?

To make use of Sketchfab’s recently added sound feature, I’ve purchased and added a music track that suits the tribal theme of my African Mask model (you can view it on my profile, I’m not allowed to add links yet, being a new user).

I’ve set the volume as soft as possible to avoid frustrating the viewer and I personally feel like the music makes it more immersive and really cool. On the other hand though, I’m worried that it may actually be a turnoff for some (or many) users, perhaps even customers who view it embedded in other asset stores.

One concern is that, being still rare to see models with music, it may catch many users unprepared (eg. without their mobile muted while they’re browsing in a public place) and they’ll end up quickly close the viewer the moment the music starts. Or there could be other reasons why the music may be a problem rather than an advantage.

So what do you think, is adding music good or bad?

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Sound usually makes the viewing experience more immersive, and a lot of people enjoy it.

The good thing is that we save your mute / unmute setting between models. So, if you mute one model and come across another model with sound, it will also be muted until you choose to turn the volume back up.


How about using copyrighted material like a famous song? Is a segment of it ok to use and if so how much is allowed?

You need to have the rights for the music you use, which usually excludes copyrighted material, unless the author has granted you the right to use it.

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