Is it ok to use french in the Sketchfab forum?

(Pierre Corsy) #1

Hi guys,

A quick question : I know the sketchfab team is at least partially from France, so is it ok to use french here, on this forum ?
I'm a french native speaker myself, with some troubles with my uploads, and before asking anything to the community or even to the dev team, I just wanted to check this interrogation of mine.
I still can try english and of course I'll use the rules of the house, but yet : I would be much more clear and precise in french.

Thank you !

(Bart) #2

Hey Pierre,

as we're an international community and our support team is American, we'd prefer using English here on the forums. However, if you're having difficulty getting the message across in English then feel free to contact our team at in French.

(Nicolaghiaroni) #3

Bonjour, je suis einsegnant d'histoire de l'art et de dessin, actuellment j'aime bien communiquer en francais, le clavier de l'i-pad n'est pas composé' d'accent et de cédille , mais se pour vous n'est pas un problem moi je serai bien heureux de converser et vous demander des questions en francais.

(Nicolaghiaroni) #4

Argh...l'iPad a changé l'ensemble du texte, mais je pense que vous avez compris que je serais heureux d'échanger des informations en français

(Yaldroid) #5

即是用繁體中文也可以嗎? hatched_chick 但若果要方便與大家溝通,還是用英文好些。

(Bart) #6

It works! smile And yeah, you'll have more success getting a reply in English!