Is it possible to allow users control over specific 3d Settings through API

(Timeless3d) #1

Hello, I am an artist and web designer who is interested in creating a digital life drawing environment. Where artists can use 3d models as drawing references. I've been really excited to find this website that makes it easy to upload and share in 3d. What would really cement the possibilty of my idea is to allow a way for the user to change the lighting around the subject, preferably a full ability to move/rotate lights around and change the color and type of lights, exactly as in the 3d settings.

Also other settings like field of view, and material settings could help in teaching upcoming artists the effects of perspective and light.

(Mauricesvay) #2

Hi @timeless3d,

we have a JavaScript API to create and control a Sketchfab viewer.
We currently have functions for:

At the moment, we don't have an API for controlling the lights, but you can rotate the lighting with ALT+click & drag (ALT+SHIFT+click & drag for rotating the environment only).

(Timeless3d) #3

Excellent! I didn't know about that :smile: