Is it possible to change the "view" of the model?

(A76) #1

Hello. When we open our model in Maya, it is possible to change the view between the 6 options.

Under the FIRST option our model lacks some of the details that we have added, while under the SECOND and THIRD options our model looks as it suppose to.

When we upload the model to Sketchfab, then we see it as it is under the FIRST option, therefore it lacks some of the important details.

Is there a way to change the "view" of the model in the Sketchlab?


Thanks a lot!

(Nomadking) #2

If by view you mean the default camera angle the scenes starts with on Sketchfab, you can simply go to '3D Settings' on your uploaded model, move the camera around til you're happy, then click 'Save View'.

The saved view is used as the thumbnail and the default camera position when your model is viewed :slight_smile:

(Sourdays) #3

Could you elaborate the views and 6 options or screen shot an example of how it suppose to look?

I have a feeling I may be grasping at what your trying to do. Are you trying to get the display to have the smoothness view? Number 2 and 3 option shortcut key? Only thing that comes to mind that changes the geometry to have more details. You'll have to smooth geometry yourself under mesh option or export it with the smoothness option checked.

(Christianleonard) #4

I think I have a similar question to the op. I’ve uploaded a model of a room, and the camera is outside of the room. I’ve edited all the different ‘3d settings’, and can’t figure out how to move the camera inside the room, so that when I’m done with this, the viewer will be able to rotate around the inside of the room, like in the Van Gogh room. Thank you for any suggestions.


First you’ll need to fix your “Up Axis” ( ) so that it has the correct orientation.

Then just set the camera wherever you want it and click Save View.

I just did it for you on that model.

(Christianleonard) #6

Thank you for the reply and the axis info. I feel like I’m being slow to catch on here, since I’ve been using 3ds Max for about 20 years now, but I’m still not sure how to move the camera forward and backward (I see how to move it left and right) and I cant tell from the youtube video. Thank you for any suggestions.


Typically I use double-click to center the camera somewhere (i.e. inside the room), then zoom in.