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Is it possible to limit rotation of a model?


(Vislaw) #1

We would really like to be able to upload landscape models and have the viewer limited so that it cannot go below the ground plane. Whether it be a house, roadway or other ground-based 3D model, having the object rotate so that you are "below ground" detracts greatly from the viewer experience we'd like to have. Is it possible to constrain rotation to avoid this? Similarly, I can see that it would be very helpful for some models to constrain rotation around another axis as well. Is there some tool or technique I'm unaware of to make this happen?



Thanks for your interest. We don't have a feature like that, but it's a common request and definitely something we hope to implement in the future.

I'll add your +1 to the request :smile:

(Ofir Y) #3

add my request as well :smile:

(Willrosner) #4

I'll +1 this request also!

(Aerialeye) #5

@james any update on this request for limiting the rotation? I'd love to be able to limit the rotation of my models as they are all ground based buildings so viewing the underside is not necessary and can be confusing.

Here's an example of a model I'd like to be able to do this on

Clifden Castle by aerialeye on Sketchfab

Many thanks.


@aerialeye - No update yet, sorry!

Great model :smile:

(3daveparker) #7

Another +1. Please give this issue some attention.


Thanks for the feedback!

(Bodoschuetze) #9

Nearly all people I am showing my models to quickly get lost in orbit mode and start "experimenting" with views into open geometry (from below a landscape/building). It would be great to be able to constrain

1) the min/max viewing angles for the orbit camera
2) a spherical or box-styled bounding volume for the camera (to avaoid too far zooming and panning)
3) perhaps collision detection volumes for the camera entity to be blocked at walls

Implementation of those (IMHO basic 3D space features) would surely ease navigation and help creating a more enjoyable experience for most (inexperienced) users.



Hi Bodo,

Understood, thanks for the details.

The #1 navigation tip for new users, in my opinion, is double-click the model to focus on that point or double-click the background to reset the camera.

(Rnvgag) #11

A +1 from me as well. Please note that this feature would improve feeling of realism greatly! Viewing round in a room and suddenly noticing it's made of cardboard kills the experience. I'm no programmer, but I can imagine the limitation in rotation, zooming, moving, could be set to automatic, using the edges of geometry. Just keep these edges on the borders of the viewing window and use colission detection. I hope you can find a way....
René van Gageldonk


Noted! Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

(Ntxdave) #14

+3 for me........I would like to be able to do this as well. Pretty common with a lot of the stuff I plan on making available.

BTW: I will show my ignorance to this environment and ask "what is first person mode".



(4535993) #16

+1 for this feature

(Alamosh) #17

I'm gonna go ahead and request this as well. I still have to rely on custom 3D viewers for many of my clients.


@alamosh it's coming very soon!

(Motorsport Tv) #19

+1 from me please!


We just launched a Camera Limits feature! I hope it's useful for you.