Is it possible to set viewer mode on "first person" as the default?

(Eliut) #1

Hello, I am not sure if this is the right place for this question.
I want first person mode to be the default, instead of orbital. I am planing to work with big models, like an airport or a college campus, where orbital mode impairs usability for non computer savvy users.


Not yet, but we plan to implement this in the future. And, more generally, make sure that every option in the viewer is matched by a URL parameter option.

(Bmkellie) #3

Hi there - just bumping this to see if there's any update on this. We do a bunch of SFM reconstructions and it would be great to have FPV as the default option for those models.

Even better would to be pick which models we want to load FPV mode and which we want to load in Orbit by default, but we beggars cannot be choosers :grin:

Thanks for all your help!



It's possible to set it as a URL parameter (model page link, embed, etc.) ?navigation=fps

But, it's still not possible to save it as the default mode in settings. Sorry!

(Kailax) #5

Is this "first person default" option possibly coming.
Or have I just missed it somehow ?


No update on this request yet, sorry!

(Vislaw) #8

Just wanted to add my 2 cents that the ability set first person as a default would be very useful to us.