Is it still possible to view sketchfab models with oculus vr on web?


(Scottbreton) #1

Hi, I gather from previous posts that it is currently not possible to view sketchfab models with Oculus via the web? I guess we just need to wait until things are updated?

here are my details:
I am following the instructions listed here:

Using firefox nightly, when I hit the "view in VR" icon, the the computer monitor view of the model becomes the double image as expected, and my oculus headset shows the blue mesh on black background, with a sand timer icon, also as expected. Then the Oculus Home app opens, so I do not see the sketchfab mesh. Is there a setting to stop the Oculus Home app opening so that I can view Sketchfab models? Any help is much appreciated.

(I have got less far with Chromium, though the webvr extension and the game contoller extensions are enabled, the "view in vr" button gives a message that I need to use a webvr browser, so it apparently is not registering these settings.)

(Rémy Bouquet) #2

Hello, latest chromium version found here should work fine with the oculus rift and the oculus touch when viewing a scene (the vr icon on the bottom right of the viewer).

However when browsing the site ("view in vr" yellow button or the display doesn't switch to the headset without a user interaction, due to a chromium limitation. That's probably the issue you experience.

You can however press "enter" to force the vr display (make sure the viewer has the focus by clicking it). This limitation should go away at some point.

(Scottbreton) #3

Hi Nehon,

Thanks for your reply!

The version of Chromium I have I believe is the latest:
Version 58.0.3029.0 (Developer Build) (32-bit)

I have gone to chrome://flags/ and enabled webvr:

And then gone to a model in sketchfab and hit the "View in VR" button. I see this

I have looked at various forums because I think the problem is with Chromium not talking to the HMD (in my case Oculus CV1). when I run this test page:

I get this result:

Therefore,I think the problem is more general than needing to hit enter? I wonder if anyone else has had a similar problem.

Thanks for reading and your help!