Is Lattice supported by Sketchfab?

Hello :partying_face: I’m new here
I’m trying to upload an animated tornado (just a part of my file), it’s a simple cilinder distorted with lattice modifier (blender) but here seems not working :cry:
The fact is that there are also some paths (with particles that fly around the tornado) that deform correctly :thinking:
So I can’t understand why the paths are deforming but not the tornado.

Can someone help me? Is lattice fully supported by sketchfab?

Hi @MicheleC92,

The lattice modifier will only be visible in Sketchfab if it was applied before exporting your model to f.i. FBX of OBJ. So just hit the ‘apply modifiers’ checkbox when exporting with Blender.
If there are animations visible (like those particles), it means they were exported along with the file.

Hope it helps!

Cheers, Casper


Thanks, good to know!
I already worked around the problem rigging the tornado, but probably this will be helpful in future :slightly_smiling_face: