Is my model inverted?

(Nadarimaging) #1

I just uploaded an OBJ file with no mesh or texture. One side of the model is pink, the other side is white. It’s a photogrammetry model of some land. I’m unclear on which side is “up” pink or white as I suspect my photogrammetry software may have inverted the model somehow.


The pink is just coming from the environmental lighting. You can switch to something more neutral like “Studio” in 3D Settings.

You can also adjust the “up axis” so that the model is oriented correctly.

(Nadarimaging) #3

I’m waiting for the texture t process so I can see the actual photographic surface to determine what’s what. But in the meantime, maybe you can confirm is the pink lit side the side of the model the texture will go on then and the white side is the underside of the model? I’m assuming it’s the pink side.


I’m not sure which is the top and the bottom. If those are buildings or trees on there then you know the side where they extrude is the top?

(Dark Minaz) #5

a way to check if the faces are correct is to go to the material tab and set it to onesided that usually helps to figure that out rather quick
or the vertex normals in the inspector