Is my work age restricted?


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Hi! I'm pretty new here and I really like the features of Sketchfab. Thanks in advance for the help and clarification you may give. I just uploaded my second model here but I'm on a dilemma; it features a naked character but the genitalia is covered by the body of a snake. If you rotate the whole set it's all safe. The thing is that if you navigate intentionaly inside the serpent near those parts you may see something.. I wonder if I should set my work as age restricted for that reason. I really hope I don't have to, because I would like my work to be seen by everyone as I'm not showing anything explicit or inappropiate. Thanks!



Welcome! Thanks for double checking with us :slight_smile:

@bartv is the best person to take a look and decide.

And I'll just post our official policy here as well:

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Hi James! Thanks for your reply and the info. I will wait for @bartv then so he can check it out. :+1:

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Hi @saintag!

If the interior model still contains genitalia I recommend labelling the model as Age+.

Thanks for checking this with us!