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Is taxturing boring for me ? (( any faster way for taxturing ? ))

(Helgasta) #1


guys i spend about 6 hours to make this texture ! is this normal ? for just a gun ?

maybe i used wrong way to make taxture .. yeah ?

so is there any fast and good way for taxturing model ?

(Shaderbytes) #2

you mean you took 6 hours to unwrap the model? you definitely must be doing something wrong :slight_smile:

Firstly most 3D applications have many automatic unwrapping methods that dont even require you to mark any seams and will unwrap the model based on various criteria .. in a split second!

If you want some more control over the uv island creation then you can mark some seams (edge loops ) manually , but even with doing that on a model like this that should only take 5 minutes.

(Helgasta) #3

tnx man ! now im sure i used wrong way for uwrap