Is the Blender part open-source?

(Xiuming) #1

If it is, it will be really cool that we can automate our batch uploading.

(Bart) #2

Even better: it is completely open source:

(Xiuming) #3

Oh sorry! I meant the Blender part of Sketchfab.

(Elbriga) #4

Do you mean the sketchfab exporter addon in blender? I think it is open source since it's now natively integrated in blender

(Xiuming Zhang) #5

Thanks. Just tried out the addon. It can be scripted with Python, which is great!

Is there a way to set defaults for my models? I am batch-uploading many Blender models. The uploading part itself can be scripted with the exporter, but is there a way to also automate the subsequent settings (such as setting the background to "clean_dark" image)?

(Gresthol) #6

Well if you go to Blender\installation\folder[version]\scripts\addons\io_online_sketchfab you'll see 2 python scripts (init & pack_for_export) who say they are GPL in the beginning.