Is the last frame lacking? [animation issue]

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I made 30-frames cycle animations with blender.
The frame range is from 1 to 30, and same pose on frame 0 and 30.

Then here is my animation. you can see it skipping at the end.The final frame doesn't show.
How can I fix this?

Simple Bouncing Ball Animations!!
by trc3
on Sketchfab

information from my test

  • I can't see the start and end frame of FBX.
  • In the FBX file, the range of keyframes is from 1 to 31.
  • However I shift all keyframes, the keyframe range doesn't change.
  • However I change start or end frame, the animation skips.


Hey there,

Sorry for the long silence. Soon we'll offer a feature to mark an animation as a loop, so the first and last frame will be interpolated correctly.