Is there a way to add distortion to see through materials?


(Davijo Man) #1

I'm just wondering. I have characters with separately modelled eyeballs and lenses. I have the lens see through and reflective right now. Is there a way to add distortion to the material in real time also like I can get when I render the lens with something like Arnold?



Do you have an example of this kind of effect?

We don't have refraction, but we're planning to launch sub-surface scattering / translucency:

(Davijo Man) #3

I was just wondering. Instead of the glass looking like this:

is there a way I can make it look more like this?:

How the glass gives a more fisheye/magnified distortion to the meshes inside it.

(Shaderbytes) #4

you can not set individual materials that are transparent to have light distorting properties/refraction.

I guess yo can fake it somewhat but it wont be view angle based so no not really.


Maybe you could make it view angle based with a custom MatCap, but then all your other materials would also need to be MatCaps.