Is there a way to autospin only the environment hdr light?

I’m showing a lot of material swatches at once on a page and I’d like to have the environment slowly rotate around to throw off subtle reflections and glare. Having the camera move around the model is much too distracting. Is there a way to do this, like “?autospinenv=0.5”? Or would I have to animate the light/environment rotation?

The integration Sketchfab has with Substance Painter is amazing btw!


It’s not possible at the moment, but it’s a nice idea! I’ll add it to our feature request tracker.

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Thank you! This will be such a huge help.

Right now to get the subtle look I need to put autospin on 0.008, and autospin doesn’t respect the camera boundary limitations. If you’re on the page for too long all the swatches eventually rotate off the camera.

Is there another work-around for now? Can I animate the lights?

This would be very useful if you don’t want a bunch of objects autospinning on a page, but a nice slow light grazing across the objects.

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Autospin is rotating the model, not moving the camera, which is why it behaves like that.

I’m afraid I don’t know of a good workaround at the moment :confused: