Is there a way to delete comments?


(John O Really) #1

Is there no way to delete comments? My classmate has made a rather crass comment on this wonderful model. I'd love to remove it!

(Bart) #2

I'll help you out - I'll send you a private message.

(Panimala) #3

I was expecting there to be such functionality built in but I'm not seeing it. An individual has spammed identical comments on 4 of my models and there's really no way for me to delete or report them.

(Bart) #4

Agreed, it's on our todo list. I'll send you a private message to get these spam messages removed.

(Rony Fly) #5

Hello, i'm interesting to know the manipulation to delete a comment, please

(Bart) #6

Not yet, but it's on our wishlist. You can send me a private message if you'd like to remove a comment.

(Yiannis) #7

It should be on your done list after so long. This is a very basic feature. Marking as Spam, Editing and Deleting. Community 101. I hope you make the implementation very soon if you haven't already.


You can now report abuse/spam in comments.