Is there a way to export Procedural VFX onto sketchfab?

I want to add a procedural VFX to the model I’ve been working on and baking it won’t allow me to animate the vfx. Is there a solution to this or is it just how things are?

can you show what your trying to recreate?

this is what I’m trying to export into sketchfab as an animation where the lightning moves

ok you can’t import any animated material aspects into sketchfab. I was curious to see what you where trying to do as there are “tricks” you can do to spoof certain effects.

I think the effect you want and to have it animated might be tricky, but with some experimenting possible with tricks. In your case I am thinking of having the main bolt mesh copied and scaled down so its sitting inside, and animate that inner mesh to poke in/out at random places by scaling/skewing/slight jittery rotations. and obviously you have a emmisive material on the inner part.
You could make what I just said more realistic by using shape keys which can be imported into sketchfab.

Alternatively I know there are ways to import frame by frame meshes that have been baked which results in sketchfab loading a new mesh every frame (or whatever), the only problem there is often the animation is slow to perform on sketchfab, and it cant take advantage of sketchfabs smooth frame interpolation.

your idea about making an inner mesh is interesting but I’m having trouble visualizing it