Is there a way to have lighting that doesn't change the brightness but only the reflection?

Hi, I would like to have a 3D model with the already baked lighting that I would use in emission.
But I would like that by moving the camera we could have the effects of reflection for example for metal with the hdri.
On blender by setting up the shader I can do that but I can’t find how to do it on sketchfab.
If there is a trick I am very interested in knowing it, thank you.

hi this question was passed into the discord and I wrote a bit there which I will pass on here…

you can use emission along with shading to get specular highlighting or general shading, the more emission value you use the more you lose the shading, but the specular can be maintained, you might want to adjust your texture to over-exaggerate certain areas so when the full material has emission on it the areas you dont want to emit are not washed out

if i understand the question correctly

alternately you can use an emission map with an opacity value on top of your diffuse, this way you have more flexibility on fabs to control each layer

I assume when you say “reflection” you simply mean specular highlights and not actual reflection (ie. SSR) ?

I hope that helps, if not perhaps post a picture of your scene as it is in blender, it might help you get more help with regards how to go about recreating the same look on fabs


Thank you for your answer, I think I understand