Is there a way to increase the download limit?

I got the notification that I had hit my daily limit under a free account. I followed the suggestion and upgraded to a paid account, but the limit still exists.

I am looking for clarity on how to increase the download limit?

i trapped in too, its concipated this way… wonder how many fall for this

Hi there,

I’m very sorry for the confusion. We have not finalized any policy on downloading limits, which is why the limits are not “officially” published on the site. This is something we’re working on and thinking about.

At the moment, the download limit is a daily rate limit, and it does change based on your plan, but it resets every 24 hours.

The current limit is 75/day for free accounts and 100/day for Pro, but this system and limits will definitely change in the future.

Can you share more information about your use case and why you need to download so many models in a day?

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Hi @james , I just discovered this download rate limit as well. There was no mention of it in the documentation and would’ve been good to know before I started coding.

We’re building a platform that allows for simple webAR creation. It sounds like you’re still scoping out how to best manage this endpoint? Just a suggestion, what if you based the limit on bandwidth? In our case glb sizes max at around 15mb. Perhaps Skethfab could offer a 1/10/100gb per month plan or something like that?