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Is There a way to show several Texture variants

(Bob Danforth) #1

In much of my work one set of geometry may host many different textures and I would like to be able to display them in Sketchfab. ( I would also like to post the 3D, but usually can supply at least a direct link) However my problem in Sketchfab is that I can only have one set of textures per model at any given time. I could just upload several models, but as some have a dozen possibilities it would be very repetitious. Would it be possible to have several versions as annotations, or do you already do that and I do not know how?

This has several congruent textures uploaded, but I can't figure a way to show more than one at a time

Acanthus Dome-1
by DragonRonin
on Sketchfab

(Shaderbytes) #2

You can only achieve this using the sketchfab viewer API and javascript with embeds outside the sketchfab domain.