Is there a way to turn off AA?

(Tod Adkins) #1

The AA is really high and my model has lots of small details that are getting too softened. Things look better after/while rotating the model. Then when it sits for that fraction of a second the AA kicks in and blurs it all.

This is an instance where I'd rather have aliasing and sharper edges.

Is there a way to turn it off in the sketchfab view or dial down the X of samples? I don't mean texture filtering- actual AA on the geo is what I'm after.

(Dark Minaz) #2

there is a sharpen feature under post process that might help


If you set the background to transparent, AA is disabled.

Could you share the link to the model so I can take a look?

(Tod Adkins) #4

Unfortunately I can't share the model due to a client NDA. Maybe I can show a small portion with a screen shot if I react fast enough.

I'll try the sharpen filter and disabling the background though. Ideally it would be great to get any edge/alpha AA, but not such intense AA on areas that would be 100% opaque in a render mask with Vray (or any other render engine).

(Tod Adkins) #5

So I like the texture AA, it's really the edge AA that seems a bit harsh.

Again, if you had a character or the like then the default AA would be good/great. But for hard edge items that have micro bevels and such it seems a bit extreme and makes things just seem blurred and fuzzy. Like a box sampling method has been used vs. a laczons or mitchel.

Maybe I'm just expecting too much from realtime engines? There are AA levels you can set in games though so I figure maybe there could possibly be a future dial of 2-4 levels a user could set?

No background AA is kind of rough, but at least small edges and such don't turn to mush. Ideally just a single pass of AA would happen and be more subtle.

(Tod Adkins) #6

Sharpen seems to do what I want. Thanks for the suggestion!