Is there any changes planned for the annotations system?


(Pierre Savoie) #1

I scrolled through most of the annotations post I could find on this forum. All the answer I seem to see from you guys is :

I found this post which seemed to move the topic in the right direction but as with all the topic on annotations, its over a year old and it just died.
annotation positioning update to annotation style

Since most of what I see is over a year old, is there anything coming soon or some progress being made on this topic?

You'd probably want to know what would be my use case;
We need to do a configurator for a client where there is more than one model of a certain product. This mean a bunch of model on top of each other that we show/hide with the api. It would be nice to be able to show/hide some annotations as well.

We can do stuff with the api regarding annotations, ( but would it be possible for annotations not to require a tittle, just the simple number on the model?


We haven't yet made any progress on these feature requests, but we're listening and tracking all feedback we receive.

You might be able to do something similar to the measurement tool to create your own markers on the model:

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The example is nice, but what would be your best work-around to show/hide annotations if I cannot program that well?


I'm afraid I can't think of a workaround for something like that. Maybe @mauricesvay has an idea?

(Mauricesvay) #5

The only way to have something like that would be to implement yourself an annotation system with the undocumented "click" event.
Annotations would be part of the model so you have full control over hiding/showing them.

I've set up a quick example here:
In this example, the yellow circles are parts of the model and can be shown/hidden programmatically. When you click on them, more info is displayed.

Mouse Events for API