Is there way to make colorful neon in 3D Settings?

I was able to make my model glow like neon signboard, but I couldn’t make it glow with certain colors, when it glows brightly then it became white, the only way I found to make it colorful is to reduce brightness, which isn’t acceptable.
Is it possible to do with Sketchfab 3d Settings?

it is possible but it is a fine balancing act because firstly bloom is a screen space filter, so it cant work selectively on objects. Secondly things that emit light do get less saturated and more white the hotter they get. The color of the object or the center of the object and the surrounding glow are not the same.

So when you want objects to appear like lights or neon and have good emission… the scene and other non emissive materials have to be adjusted around that. There is no other way and you will just have to learn to use that as best possible.


here is an example from my own work :

I also included the settings to show you the values. notice the base color now look at the emission. Notice the color selected is also a pink color ( the forum is clipping the image embed , you need to click it to see the full length ), but the higher I push the value of the emission the more white it becomes ( look at the thumb preview for emission , it looks white , not like the selected color )

Anyway as mentioned before the scene has to be adjusted around this the environment brightness , other material brightness etc… to get the best balance.

As can be seen this is a working example answering your question. The neon is colored and the scene is not too dark. Again let me just stress it is a balancing act.