Is this warping due to image compression issues?

(Crazyscript77) #1

Hi all,
This is my first post here, and so far I really love the simplicity of the 3D viewer, however, I have tried uploading multiple models in .blend format, all of which have the same issue. The actual mesh itself appears fine, yet as soon as any textures are applied, they seem to tear and warp, distorting the model. Attached is a screencap of one such case, where I have only added a normal map. (the distortion in the textures is identical across normal, diffuse and spec)

The textures display fine in blender and other 3d packages, so I'm wondering if there is something I could do to try fix this problem? So far re-sizing and changing texture formats has had no effect, and I have checked for double faces.

Thanks in advance

(Stephomi) #2

The textures are not compressed when you are in the editor, so it's not that.

I don't see any textures in your model. Can you upload the textures and press save settings (no need to publish) ?

(Crazyscript77) #3

Added the textures sorry, should be visible now.

(Stephomi) #4

Thanks !

I think it's our UV compression algorithm, but I'm not sure. I'll try to confirm that tomorrow.
Unfortunately, the developer who usually handles these bugs is on holiday so it might take a bit of time before we solve this.

Until then, maybe you can try another file format (obj?).

(Crazyscript77) #5

No worries, thanks so much for your assistance, hopefully its an easy fix!

(Stephomi) #6

After a quick check I can confirm the culprit is not our UV compression algorithm.
It's probably our blender exporter.

I tried to open blender, and re-export your model in blender as an .obj and it worked fine in sketchfab.
We'll try to fix the problem and keep you up to date when we know more.
Until then, you can try exporting as an .obj

(Crazyscript77) #7

Awesome, thanks for the heads up:)

(Waleguene) #8

Hi @crazyscript77,

Thanks for your report.
I just wanted to inform you that the issue has been clearly identified and a fix will be released soon smile