Issue on publishing


(Tellesvinicius) #1

I've been trying to upload a file from inventor to all kind of extensions (obj, dwf, fbx, igs), all of them I got similar issues, geometry has some flipped normals or geometry has no normals (on the dwf), and even if looks good on the viewer it doesn't let me publish anyway
Does anyone has a solution?

(Makerlounge) #2

Yes, same issues here! I have tried it with different models, no way to publishing them! :frowning:

(Bart) #3

Sorry about that! We're currently experiencing an issue with the publish button (a fix is on the way). From which page are you trying to publish? From within the 3D editor, or from within the blue box on the model page?

(Makerlounge) #4

From every page, including the uploading page.

(Bart) #5

Thanks. We're on it - I'll let you know when upload works again.

(Tellesvinicius) #6

as mentioned by @Makerlounge is in every page.
Thank you @bartv for the attention

(Edserlabs) #7

Same issues here, from every page (models and editor). Some error "415" appears in developer browser console.
It always appears as "draft".

(Iacsas) #8

There is an issue with the publish button :neutral_face:

(Bart) #9

We're aware of the issue and will release a fix shortly. When we do, I'll post an update to this topic.

(Quosoo) #10

Yup, publish button doesnt work anywhere on:

  • models list
  • uploads list
  • model overview
  • model 3d settings

STATUS: 415; METHOD: patch; TYPE: json
"Unsupported media type \"application\/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8\"


@tellesvinicius this thread got a bit messy, I've split it and moved your original request here:

(Tellesvinicius) #12

No problem, at first I thought it was related to the extensions I was trying to upload (coming from Inventor) , as it was the first time I was using it, but it seems the issue is on the button itself.


The publishing issue has been resolved.

(Iacsas) #14

Thank you!