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Issue : Sketchfab Thumnails don't update on Facebook


(Hansolocambo) #1


When working on a mesh, I now am used to upload it on Sketchfab. I often re-upload an updated version of a mesh and then use the "Save view" option to always get a thumbnail that reflects the object as it is.
Pb : when I update a thumbnail in Sketchfab ("Save View") the thumbnail is also updated in my website, which means my website loads the image from your server. But when I open a thread in Facebook and post a sketchfab link, the thumbnail displayed when I first created the post will never change. No matter how many times I update the thumbnail in Sketchfab.

So I guess Facebook is storing their own preview. And never check the SKetchfab server to get the latest version (which is damn dumb). I tried to submit them the issue for months, literally.

As I don't think this issue have nothing to do with you, I was just hoping that maybe you could try to contact Facebook about this problem. A mail coming from might have a more serious impact that one coming from me, Mr.Unkown. If it was any other website... but facebook is quiet something.

Thanks for considering that :slight_smile:


You can force Facebook to re-scrape, but it won't update existing posts:

(Hansolocambo) #3

Damn ! I sure didn't know about that. Thanks James. I'm having a look right now. Hopefully it'll update the posts. I find it really annoying to get old thumbnails of the first version of my works on the main Facebook page.

(Hansolocambo) #4

Damn that's a killer :wink: It worked ! I should have asked you before trying to reach the inhuman facebook team who never answer. Thanks a LOT :slight_smile:


No problem - appreciate the kind words :slight_smile:

(Chaitanyak) #6

thanks @james this is actually something i need to try with youtube thumbnails in fb.. he he

(Hansolocambo) #7

Updating wrong thumbnail previews in Facebook works with youtube or sketchfab links. Just use that :
paste in your youtube or sketchfab URL and click on "scrape again"
Then go back to your facebook post that doesn't display the right thumbnail. On the top right corner of the facebook post, click the down arrow and then "Refresh share attachment"
Et voilĂ  ! :slight_smile: Your old existing facebook posts have their thumbnails fixed.