Issue: WebVR using Viewer API jittery compared to WebVR on sketchfab model page

(Aleahy) #1

Hi, when viewing a model in WebVR using the Viewer API it seems to be very jittery (to the point of headache) compared to viewing the same model in WebVR on the model page.

eg. (click goggle icon)

versus (also click goggle icon)

Is there a reason?

Windows 10/64, HTC Vive, ChromeVR 56.0.2902.0, NVIDIA GTX 970

Cheers, Andrew | Western Sydney Uni

(Aleahy) #2

Hi @stephomi @james @mauricesvay is this something you can replicate?

Thanks, Andrew.

(Stephomi) #3

Just tried it and reproduced the issue with oculus and chromevr.

FirefoxVR failed at detecting my oculus, so couldn't test to determine if the issue was chrome specific :(.

I don't think the issue is on our side though, probably a webvr implementation issue.

(Aleahy) #4

hmm.. could it have something to do with the sketchfab Viewer API launching the scene within an iframe?

  1. ChromeVR sketchfab WebVR scene launched from the page = no jitter

  2. ChromeVR sketchfab WebVR launched using the Viewer API in an iframe = jitter


(Mtmclaughlin) #5

I might be having a similar issue. Something has changed and made it impossible to view my models in VR anymore on my Vive. I use that Chromium browser. It's super jittery, AND I've noticed that the left and right eyes are receiving drastically different images. It's like my eyes are 10 feet apart!

Although, it seems like you aren't having trouble by launching through the page... that's where I am having trouble.

(Aleahy) #6

Hi, if you want to ding me a model id or URL of a scene your trying to view I can give it a go on my setup using both API or "view VR' on the model page. email:

But it sounds like your headset view may not be switching to stereo mode.

Perhaps share a screenshot from "Display Mirror -> Both Eyes".


(Mtmclaughlin) #7

Thank you for your reply. I will take a look tomorrow and see what I can do. I'll also look for a model to send you.

I appreciate the help!