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Issue with an older model - Reflections

(Joel3d) #1

Please have a look at the boots - strange glow/reflection issue.
I have checked my models normals, re-uploaded and I am still having the same issues.

(Stephomi) #2

The normals/triangles are incorrect (in sketchfab, after processing at least).

Left booth normals are pointing inward and the triangles are pointing inward too, so the shading is correct (though is you turn on single sided material, it will be incorrectly set).

Right booth normals are pointing inward but the triangles are pointing outward : the shading is incorrect.

I don't know maya, but usual culprits are, negative scale in one direction, mirroring tools, etc...

(Joel3d) #3

Thanks, great response time. Ill have to play around some more