Issue with Annotations: Image gets stuck after hide/show Annotation

I have prepared a model to show this issue:
The model has one annotation which includes an image (Rubik cube), and a button (top-right) to switch the annotation on and off using the commands: api.showAnnotation(0) and api.hideAnnotation(0).
When I open the model the first time and open the annotation, the image is clearly visible.
If I switch the annotation off and on, when I reopen it the image does not appear anymore, instead there is a symbol, a sort of tornado, suggesting that the image is waiting to be reloaded.
Do you have any idea why this is happening and can you suggest a solution/workaround?

Thank you,


Thanks for the report, it really helps with a nice page that shows the issue, we were able reproduce the bug, we’ll investigate to fix.

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