Issue with Model Edges

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Hi Sketchfab staff.
I got an issue with some of my recent models: after upload them and apply some editing in 3d settings, they appear afterwards with some kind of white line edges (or no edges at all). I have been working for a while with sketchfab and I´ve never had any problem before, actually I like the cartoonish look of my previous models with black line edges and I would like to keep it like that. I don’t use wireframe on because the result is a mess.
By the way I use sketchup and export the models as .obj with export edges option.
Some sample images:
1. A model in view mode, no visible edges at all.
2. The same model in 3d seetings, visible edges.
3. My model collection, you can see the snapshot differences between the newer and oldest models.
Could you please help me out how to fix that?
Thank you!

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Thanks for the report, we are aware of the issue.

^ first part of the answer

We are working on a fix.